Wenger believes club is ‘moving in right direction’

Even though Arsenal has been subjected to severe criticism for not taking the top spot on the league leaderboard, club manager Arsene Wenger is in no mood to accept his side is not yielding results. This is a fact that Gunners had been quiet confident among the top four until last few weeks, and in last few games, they seemed to have lost their touch and slowly losing their rank to Man City and even more threatening concern is Manchester United who is just six points trailing to them with three games to come by. Many experts strongly believe this season gave Emirate side best opportunity to win the league title which they could not capitalize and Wenger seems to be satisfied with his men performance this season irrespective of experts’ views on the lost opportunity. The 66-year-old Frenchman talked about all the burning issues in great length and breadth in his recent interview where he said to have been under tremendous pressure during last few weeks and how he kept his confidence focused.

Arsene Wenger Kostas Koutsaftikis / Shutterstock.com

Accepting to have saddened looking at their falling ranking on the board, Wenger said, “What’s quite frustrating for me is that I feel in the last two years, we have moved the game forward in a modern way of managing the team and the club. Maybe we have not been immediately rewarded in the championship, but we feel we are moving the club the right way. We always want to learn and to move forward, together. That’s one of the principles of the club. We want to be together but we want to move forward.”

Moreover, he as well talked about his concerns over fans expectations from them and how they are trying to keep them optimistic, he added, “I always think that the respect for the fans comes when you have the desire as a coach to give them something on a Saturday afternoon that makes them happy.

“I believe that fans should always be able to wake up on a Saturday morning and their first thought should be, ‘Yes my team is playing today, it could be great. Unfortunately we do not always manage to give them that, but at the least we should have the desire to do that. I also believe that the positive idea of a football club is to have a desire for style. If big clubs don’t have that, then I think something is missing. Throughout the history of the game, the big club sides and the big national teams always had that desire.”

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