Sepp Blatter to reveal secrete about his resignation from FIFA post

Even though the recent crackdown by Swiss investigators is understandably the main reason former FIFA president Sepp Blatter had to resign off his job, the 79-year-old hints he would reveal more info about his sudden departure from supreme soccer body after he official retires from the job. Knowingly, for now, he is an acting president and will be in the office until next present is formally elected in the upcoming presidential election until then he kept everyone in suspense about the surroundings that forced him to leave his baby at this stage. Ever investigation agencies will be keeping a watch over what he reveals after his retirement as they can get new evidence to initiate official investigation against the longest running FIFA boss. Right now, experts are hinting it as his publicity stunt to gain public sympathy after his unwanted exit from the governing body while there are others, who are supposed to be his loyal fans, who believe he would exhaust his insides after his sad exit from the supreme FIFA post.

Talking about this in an interview Blatter said, “That is something I wish to keep to myself (reacting over the incidents that led his departure). What has happened, will be part of my legacy. It felt highly uncomfortable at the time. Anyhow, we are all survivors and I am sure that it has been the right solution for FIFA. It was a good solution. I did it to protect the institution and my family against the attacks on FIFA, not to protect myself. I don’t need any help when it comes to my personal integrity.”

Calling the recent investigation by US justice departure as ‘attack on FIFA,’ he added, “Have you seen the press conference by Loretta Lynch? She stood there together with the head of the FBI, portraying FIFA as an enterprise that resembles the mafia. Whatever. I have already said that one day I will tell exactly what happened. I do not wish to go into details now, because of the ongoing investigations. I don’t want to hamper those investigations. I keep this to myself and I feel good about it.

“Help me to find the truth. This tsunami. This shocking raid or whatever it was… There should be an investigation as to why this happened two days before the congress. Why were there journalists of The New York Times in the lobby of the Baur au Lac hotel at 6 o’clock in the morning? They had no reason to be there.”

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