Pellegrini again talks about his sacking rumors

No football manager would like to be named as coward especially if he has until been leading one of the top league sides. Manchester City’s defiant mentor Manuel Pellegrini is one such person who is facing severe heat from every corner after not able to defend their league title. Until last few weeks, this Manchester giant used to be at number two on the board, though could never overtake Blues, yet fans were not as unhappy as they are now when defending champions are fighting for even a place among top four. Sidelining all the negative stories being published in the English media, the 61-year-old Chilean manger refused to accept he did nothing to edge their Stamford Bridge rival, in fact, he as well not ready to accept that it is him that did not let City mates perform with full caliber. Reacting about the rumors that he could be sacked from top club post, City manager answered why they have to lose five of their last seven games and said, “At the end of the season we will talk about it. Because I have experience, you know when a squad is behind you when you are working, you know when you work well or work bad. But you can’t talk about something which is not your decision. But if you ask me why I’m not afraid — there are two things in my whole career — I’m not a coward and not afraid.”

Nonetheless, what is being published in the media there is a good number of experts who are with City manager and they supported their claim with last two away games played by Man City. In both games, at Burnley and Crystal Palace, City enjoyed the ball possession for more than seventy percent of the time and the reason they still lost the game is because its forwards could not break the solid defense of the opponents. He added, “I don’t think it will be easy. It will be different. United is a big team that likes to play — especially with Van Gaal.

“He’s always an attacking manager. We hope we will see a good game. We have a different problem, we have to make sure we don’t make mistakes because they have important and technically very good players.”

The former Real Madrid manager further clarified that he is not worried about his future in England and is still confident he would be able to extend his stay at Manchester leading The Citizens longer than expected.

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