Michel Platini sees no hope for him to become FIFA President, calls it destiny

The once most powerful soccer personality Sepp Blatter is now finding nowhere to hide after his name being dragged into longest running corruption inside FIFA. He along with European boss Michel Platini are severely accused to misappropriate FIFA funds with unaccounted money spending including 2 million Swiss franc payment to Platini which attracted criminal investigation from Swiss law agencies. However, there is some respite to both the soccer elites as their appeal to reduce the soccer ban has been accepted and now they would have to face soccer exile for only six years than eight years by FIFA’s ethics committee. Court of Arbitration for Sport announced the leverage last Wednesday after a long defense from both the former soccer mentors who eventually managed to conceive the bench that they are not as guilty as being presented by the ethic committee. Although, both of them are still debarred from any soccer related activity, they are not ready to give it even now and looking at all the available legal options starting with CAS to completely set aside the earlier sanction.

Reacting over the reduction, Platini said via a statement, “The reasons given against me are baseless, trumped up and surreal, given the facts and explanations that I gave during the hearing of the appeals board. This decision is in reality a political decision taken by the FIFA administration. I am the victim of a system that had only one goal: To prevent me from becoming FIFA president in order to protect certain interests that I was about to bring into question.” Likewise, Blatter also expressed his disappointed over just three years leverage, he too said via a statement, “I am very disappointed by the appeal committee of FIFA and I will take it to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.”

Moreover denying to have under anxiety after Yesterday’s verdict, Platini said, “I’m not going to kill myself. I’m not talking Lexomil. My destiny wasn’t to be president of FIFA but to be in the French team. I’m not a politician — I’m a football man. And today I’m well. But I will fight until the end against injustice, in order to be cleared, because I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.” While Blatter has other opinion over the reduced tenure, he said, “I slept well all the same because I wasn’t expecting any better from this committee. Because for a while I’ve seen that there’s been a type of plot at FIFA, first and foremost against Michel Platini so that he wouldn’t be FIFA president… I find it sad. Yesterday I was very disappointed because the four judges are people who’ve accompanied me these last few years — I accompanied them at FIFA.

“But above all it’s without doubt about preventing Mr. Platini from being president of FIFA.”

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