Martin Demichelis praises Luis Suarez

It is rarely seen in soccer these days that a player praises another played who caused them a defeat especially on a big platform. Last Championship league’s first leg clash between two heavyweights: Manchester City and Barcelona was one such game that made everyone surprised not because Barca defeated the English opponents but the way former Liverpool player Suarez performed in the game. He not only scored both the goals for his side in the first half itself through Sergio Aguero but as well helped his side maintained dominance throughout ninety minutes. Alongside, had there not been a penalty miss by Messi winning margin could have even been bigger. Apart from regular appraisals, City defender Martin Demichelis is the first one who openly appreciated the great afford of former Englishman who was playing for the first time in England after leaving the Reds. He said, he was aware of the deadly trio comprising Messi, Neymar, and now Uruguayan international who shined thoroughly with his finest ball holding technique. Notably, 28-year-old is the same player who faced severe criticisms after found biting Italian player in the world cup, in fact, Liverpool also shown no interest in keeping him at Anfield, then Barca made a lucrative offer and he moved to Spain amid widespread negative reporting for his three biting episodes.

Calling Suarez one of the brightest assets Barcelona is having with it, Demichelis said, “Luis has already proved throughout his career what type of player he is and the quality he has.

“Football is like that. Several days prior to the game, all the emphasis is placed on Messi and Neymar, but the one who ends up scoring two goals is Luis Suarez. Barcelona have great players and any of them can make a difference.”

City manager has recently said they will definitely came back in the second leg of the UEFA league and 34-year-old Argentine is as well confident for City’s best show in the next round of showdown with Spanish giant. He added, “Without a doubt we are confident we can turn this around. We will go to Barcelona to try to do our best and progress.

“We want to dominate in Europe and we will achieve that in the coming years. It would be important for us to progress to the next round. We need to take that step in the Champions League.”

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