Jose Mourinho compares Graeme Souness with himself – as manager and as player

A big showdown and its aftermaths are usually being kept alive in discussions for quite few days after its result and these days are taken as the great opportunity to bring out all the weaknesses that losing side has revealed. Last Champions League showdown between Chelsea and PSG was one such game that ended with an unexpected result and gave critics more food to talk about. Though, game concluded as draw but made Blues out of the European championship while Germans, on the other hand, are more than happy to see their players dominating in-form Jose Mourinho army. Graeme Souness is one of the well-known critics of the Stamford Bridge side who lambasted Blues Portuguese mentor for his role as the wholesome motivator of the team ahead of the crucial game. Knowingly, former Everton manager refused to offer any reward even if his side enters into the quarterfinals which raised many eye brows so as of Souness. Anyways, Mourinho now explains his views after the UEFA debacle and compares himself with that of former Liverpool midfielder who could never be as successful as 52-year-old has been in his management career.

Although, Mourinho edges Scottish over him as player but when it comes to manage a side well, no one can – according to him – beat him. He said, “The difference between me and Souness is this — Souness as a player, up there. Jose Mourinho as a player, down here. Jose Mourinho as a manager, up here. Souness as a manager, down there. With another difference: I was not a frustrated man because I was not a top player. He is clearly a frustrated man. I have lots of respect, in spite of some episodes, for a fantastic player with a fantastic career in a fantastic club with a top generation.”

While talking about Blues chances in the Championship league now, second term serving manager added, “I have the same belief in these players. Unshakeable. We closed the chapter, but we still have the book to write. We have 11 more matches to finish the book. Let’s see if the last page of the book is with the Premier League trophy in our hands. There are always excuses,” added Mourinho, before referring to perceived injustices against his side. I have excuses to be only five points ahead, because we should be eight, nine, 10, 11, 12.

“We have 11 matches to play, six at home and five away. Lots of difficult matches against teams who desperately need points to play in the Champions League or to stay in the Premier League. The two extremes.”

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