Football News

Andrej Kramaric could chose Leicester over Chelsea

It takes lots of affords for every youngster to sign a long term deal for any big side and Chelsea is of course one of the dream destinations for any… more

The war of the words between Sam Allardyce and his striker Mauro Zarate

The cold war between manager and players has ever been in the news, in fact, whenever any player is blamed for not doing well in the field, he starts accusing… more

Real President refuses to sell Bale at any cost

Few players become the identity for their clubs hence they are not expected to ever make a shift no matter how much is in offering for them and Real Madrid… more

Arsene Wenger happy to see his side ruled West Ham United

Arsenal may not be doing well in this English season but still it feels good if they win any away match and why not after all every win comes after… more

Mourinho says they can never afford player like Messi

Having a global icon can be an ambition of every team but can they afford to spend a mega amount is the question that itches every soccer mentor who claims… more

Pellegrini denies of having any pressure for breaking club record

Every club plays every match for a win and it is also a fact that every manager wants to mentor a side who is going to achieve an unprecedented feat…. more

Rodgers jubilant after his side’s amazing show against Arsenal

It is not the far behind when Liverpool side was on the hit list of everyone for their immature decisions like releasing Suarez at some seventy five million pounds and… more

Wenger equals Alexis Sanchez to Suarez while presenting his side better than Liverpool

It has now become a custom in soccer that ahead of any high profile game, manager, coach, and players start talking about their opponents’ weakness and most of the time… more

Michael Garcia resigns; Platini calls it a new low for FIFA

FIFA has ever been known as the most trustworthy and independent team of global watchdogs who take care of every soccer interest around the globe but in last two years… more

Qatar could invest around one billion pounds in Tottenham Hotspur: Nasser al-Ali

Until few years ago, no one in soccer used to take any Arab state seriously as the potential owner of any big soccer club but after their world cup hosting… more