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Cristiano Ronaldo blames mental/physical fitness for Atletico loss

Cristiano Ronaldo denies of having been under any kind of pressure during 4-0 loss to Atletico Madrid on Saturday afternoon and only blames the fitness for their unexpected defeat to… more

Brendan Rodgers talks about what went wrong and right for them this year

If we compare current English season to that of last one, Liverpool is the one side that looks way to behind of their previous position in the leaderboard and fans… more

ManU face the anger by forcing fans to buy Cambridge tickets

There are several ways a side can exhaust its failure, some call they did not get the fans support while others say it was not their day, but it rarely… more

Neymar readies to lead Brazilian squad for the first Olympic football gold

Brazilians have ever been one of the diehard lovers of soccer that is why they enjoy the largest chain of world class players into their national team with an army… more

Qatar’s Director of communications Nasser Al-Khater reiterates their hospitality to host winter or summer world cup

After a month or so Qatar world cup is again in the front page of sports news across the world thanks to Supreme Committee’s executive director of communications and marketing… more

Cristiano Ronaldo apologizes of hitting Edimar during Cordoba win

Many things happen during a game that later proved be an unjustified act for any sportsman no matter how big he is or why he did the same. Suarez’s three… more

Luis Enrique defends Luis Suarez’s shoddy form at Camp Nou

It is very common to see a high profile transfers pay nothing in the first season to any side no matter how much amount they have paid for them. We… more

Gaal not willing to weigh fans anger for mistakes done in QPR game

If you are in England, you can’t simply ignore fans reaction after each of your games even if you have won that and this is something that Manchester United manager… more

Clouds over David Ginola eligibility for FIFA presidential election against Sepp Blatter

It took UEFA President Michel Platini great affords to at least bid to challenge current FIFA president Sepp Blatter in the upcoming presidential election, however, it is a different thing… more

Thierry Henry condemns Arsene Wenger’s hooting during Stoke City loss

The top officials and players of any losing team face the criticism and many times this catcall takes a aggressive form and fans started hooting their once star right in… more