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Wenger praises Francis Coquelin for his form

Every club is having at least one player who plays an important role in every season and for Liverpool this credit goes to 24-year-old Frenchman Francis Coquelin who has been… more

Wilshere optimisms Arsenal will overcome United at home if forgo last defeat to Swansea

It is now a battle to save the pride in English premier league since all major standings have already been confirmed yet every team among top four wants to improve… more

Arsene Wenger explains why he failed to bring Eden Hazard at Emirates Stadium

When we talk about the arch rivals, we often recall few names like Manchester City, Manchester United, or maybe, Barcelona and Real Madrid but there are few who are known… more

Zidane nulls Bale transfer rumors

Whenever a player passes through a bad phase, everyone starts lambasting him and if he has been a costly one, fans and media both start pointing their eyebrows over the… more

Pellegrini again talks about his sacking rumors

No football manager would like to be named as coward especially if he has until been leading one of the top league sides. Manchester City’s defiant mentor Manuel Pellegrini is… more

Manuel Pellegrini defends his 4-4-2 field spread against Barcelona

Whenever an English side loses a high profile match on European front from any Spanish or German side, most of the time, media starts making it a conspiracy while sometime… more

Jose Mourinho compares Graeme Souness with himself – as manager and as player

A big showdown and its aftermaths are usually being kept alive in discussions for quite few days after its result and these days are taken as the great opportunity to… more

Wenger high on confidence for United clash after defeating Manchester City

The FA Cup seems to have overtaken English Premier League or perhaps every other domestic league being played worldwide these days thanks to the high profile quarterfinal which is going… more

City and Blues target Japanese league

While English league sides have ever been popular around the global, few of them are never tired of making new investments in rather far east States and Japan is of… more

Martin Demichelis praises Luis Suarez

It is rarely seen in soccer these days that a player praises another played who caused them a defeat especially on a big platform. Last Championship league’s first leg clash… more