Football News

Wenger believes club is ‘moving in right direction’

Even though Arsenal has been subjected to severe criticism for not taking the top spot on the league leaderboard, club manager Arsene Wenger is in no mood to accept his… more

Michel Platini sees no hope for him to become FIFA President, calls it destiny

The once most powerful soccer personality Sepp Blatter is now finding nowhere to hide after his name being dragged into longest running corruption inside FIFA. He along with European boss… more

We’re not under pressure for Dynamo Kiev tie: Manuel Pellegrini

No side is expected to talk about which title they prefer the most in public since it could lead more pressure over the players whenever they are playing in their… more

Calderon bets Ronaldo and Bale would leave Real Madrid for Manchester United

If we look at the developments happening in the backyard of Real Madrid dressing room, there is a strong feeling that something is cooking there in which could relate to… more

Luis Enrique warns Athletic Bilbao fans not to retaliate Neymar Copa del Rey final’s over the head flick

Every big side has more than one star player and one big disadvantage, apart from being on the top for having such a great lineup of players, is that your… more

Mata taunts Mourinho’s ‘luxury player’ remarks over him

If your manager releases you, it does not mean you are worthless since every transfer is powered by several factors and Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is one such mentor who… more

Mourinho back in form after 4-0 triumph over Maccabi Tel Aviv

It always feels like being at cloud nine when you win a match after severe criticisms for your bad form especially if you are English defending champions. Yes, you guessed… more

Benitez praises Ronaldo again, is he trying to flatter his starlet?

Soccer has now become a completely professional game, yes, I agree; it has ever been so but contemporary soccer has changed its form not in terms of how it is… more

Weakened Euro against Pound cost United £22.5m on Angel Di Maria transfer

Generally, it is believed that it is just the matter of a player, his form, and money his host side is asking whenever he is about to leave the side…. more

Sepp Blatter to reveal secrete about his resignation from FIFA post

Even though the recent crackdown by Swiss investigators is understandably the main reason former FIFA president Sepp Blatter had to resign off his job, the 79-year-old hints he would reveal… more