Benitez praises Ronaldo again, is he trying to flatter his starlet?

Soccer has now become a completely professional game, yes, I agree; it has ever been so but contemporary soccer has changed its form not in terms of how it is being played in the field but how it is being ‘managed’ outside the field today. Yes, you guessed it right; we are talking about the rising numbers of sycophants in the game and it not only covers the players in favor of managers but also managers who do not mind unnecessarily praising the skies these days and Real Madrid newly appointed boss Rafa Benitez seems to be doing exactly that when he says Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player he has ever worked with. It is true that Portuguese is the finest roller of the ball but it that demanding for a new manager to upraise again and again a player like him without any reason? It is called the contemporary form of sycophants. Anyways, 56-year-old Spanish has coached lots of sides in his long career including Liverpool, Inter Milan, and Chelsea hence he knows the power of maintaining a networking of dominating personnel at any job and he could be following it seriously otherwise everyone knows he would have to do lots of hard work to bring Santiago Bernabéu side out of last season’s debacles.

Benitez talked about his priciest asset in great length and breath after Ronaldo attainted the feat of scoring highest number of goals playing for Real Madrid, he said, “I didn’t have the good luck to see Di Stefano on the pitch, but he was that. Raul, yes, I coached him and he was a competitor and a winner. Cristiano has that same mentality.” Adding about his plans for future games and if he would implement few significant changes, former Napoli boss said, “(players) rotation is not a whim, it is a way to take advantage of the entire team. The fact that you switch players depends upon performance, their position. It is not the same for a centre-back as a winger. Cristiano is offensive. He is naturally a winger, but he always cuts in to the centre. Each player has a distinct role on the field. We look at each match to see what we need on the pitch and decide whether we rotate or not.

“It is not a policy to have rotation, it is a way to think about the function of the players in their positions. There are matches in which they get more worn out than others. Beyond that I think we have a quality squad and I want to take full advantage of them.”

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