Arsene Wenger explains why he failed to bring Eden Hazard at Emirates Stadium

When we talk about the arch rivals, we often recall few names like Manchester City, Manchester United, or maybe, Barcelona and Real Madrid but there are few who are known for similar kind of competition in the field, i.e., Chelsea and Arsenal. Whenever both of them are after any player or title, war of the words starts taking the sports media to the storm. Recently, when both of them attempted to sign Belgian midfielder Eden Hazard, it was nothing but the matter of ego for both José Mourinho and Arsène Wenger; they both tried as well but Blues were the ultimate winner in convincing the player for a switch. Although, Manchester giants were as well interested in the player but it was the Portuguese who reportedly agreed to pay him £150,000-a-week. Now, Frenchman is talking about his failure to lure the center-back and excused that asking price was too much for his side at this stage hence he feels no regret in not bringing 24-year-old into his army. Although, it was earlier widely reportedly that Hazard is keen to play under the guidance of the sixty five year old but something then happened in the background and he changed his aspiration.

Talking about the unsuccessful attempt to bring the Belgian international at Emirates Stadium, Wenger said, “I have no big regrets because, at the time, there was so much so much money involved we could not afford it, and not defend it, honestly. It was linked with all the environment. It was not feasible for us financially.”

Now, when both the sides would be in front of each other this Sunday, old rivalry could take the new shape especially if same player performs well and helps North Londoners higher the points margin between the two. Adding about their new approach to buy players of interest without caring about the financial statements or FFPs, Wenger recalled Alexis Sanchez’s move to Barcelona at £35 million and said, “He should run him very close. He has had a big impact and let’s remember, it is not the first season for Eden Hazard. For Alexis Sanchez it is his first season.

“If Alexis doesn’t make it this year, he will give him a fight for next season. He is my choice for Player of the Year, but only because he is my player.”

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